When do I need a publicist?: From self-promo to hiring

Click here:  Co-Creator Series: When do I need a publicist?

The Co-Creator Series presents an informative conversation with Lynn Hasty and Charlene Boehne of Green Galactic–the arts and entertainment specific publicists–as we talk about the skills and strategies you’ve got to be equipped with when it come to hiring PR! Click on the link above!

Established in Hollywood, California in 1993, Green Galactic (GG) provides publicity and marketing consulting services primarily to arts and entertainment clients. Specifically, Green Galactic develops strategic media campaigns, publicizes new initiatives, and builds audiences. GG’s primary goal is to generate exciting media attention for its clients.

As a boutique lifestyle marketing firm, Green Galactic’s client focus is on innovative culture producers. Within this niche, GG offers a full range of services guiding clients from the initial planning stage all the way through to media placement. Green Galactic’s core strength is in building and maintaining media relationships — nationally, regionally, and locally —in order to access desirable culture seekers including art consumers, music lovers, affluent populations, youth culture, and related industry professionals. Green Galactic is conscious of the world we live in, striving to support progressive concerns and nonprofit organizations. Founder Lynn Hasty has a special interest in philanthropy and has served on numerous charitable boards over the years. Ultimately, its mission is to enthusiastically promote organizations and people who make the world hipper, healthier, and more beautiful.


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