Aaron Ross on using your unique genius to make a business


Click here for interview: Aaron Ross on using your unique genius to make a business

“The artist entrepreneur: Honing in on your unique genius

and making it a business!”

Aaron Ross is the founder of PebbleStorm, which is helping 100 million people “make money through enjoyment” by combining happiness and money.  Aaron Ross’ Unique Genius work (www.UniqueGenius.com) shows people how to discover your purpose & passions and turn them into a successful business. He loves motorcycling, meditation and adventure!

Aaron is the author of “CEOFlow: Turn Your Employees Into Mini-CEOs“, which is about one of PebbleStorm’s programs designed to help leaders free up their time and energy by turning their employees into mini-CEOs that help them run the business like high-level executives.

Of course, it’s hard to enjoy work if your revenue isn’t predictable, and Aaron’s “Create Predictable Revenue” sales consulting practice helps companies with B2B sales organizations do just that.

Before PebbleStorm, Aaron Ross was an EIR (Entrepreneur-in-Residence) at Alloy Ventures, a $1 billion venture capital firm. Prior to Alloy, at salesforce.com Aaron created a revolutionary Cold Calling 2.0 inside sales process and team that helped increase salesforce.com’s revenues by $100 million.  Aaron was CEO of LeaseExchange (now eLease.com), an online equipment leasing marketplace. As an entrepreneur, he has been in Time, Businessweek and The Red Herring. Aaron graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Environmental Civil Engineering.

Aaron is also the cofounder of DataSalad (“Fresh B2B Marketing Data”), and on the advisory boards of Clickability, 4INFO, ConnectAndSell, AfterCollege, ExpertCEO and Flywheel Ventures.  His B2B sales blog is Build A Sales Machine.  He is an Ironman triathlete, graduate of the Boulder Outdoor Survival School and volunteer mentor at SCORE, “Counselors to America’s Small Business”, and an avid motorcycle rider (www.MotoCEOs.com).

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