About the Co-Creator Series

Hi! My name is Diana Rivera of Creative Empowerment Coaching. Have you ever gotten the hunch you should do something? The idea percolates instantly and with clarity. You realize, “Wow, I need to do this!” You begin and then things fall naturally into place. I had that exact thing with the Co-Creator Series.

The Co-Creator Series nurtures the personal and professional life of artists and creative professionals.

To advance in creativity, whether as an act of experimentation or as a profession, requires the 3 S’s: Skills, Strategies and Synergies. I have seen the 3 S’s at play with me as a performer, facilitator, personal development coach and academic in the psychology of creativity. I have witnessed others experiences–their ‘woes’ and ‘wows’ of creation. The outcome for me is simply said: Creative people need support.

The C.C. Series does a couple things: (i) We interview a variety of experts and consultants in a number of creative fields about their industry and  unearth valuable information for my audience. (ii) We offer opportunities for personal and professional development with upcoming workshops.

Diana Rivera has a private practice working with creative professionals on the development and advancement of their career and creative projects. She also facilitates experiences fusing the arts, creative thinking and collaboration where professionals and groups can experience their own creativity, develop quality language for team building and out-of-the-box thinking.

Looking forward to learning about you!

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One Response to “About the Co-Creator Series”
  1. Rossana says:

    I am interested in speaking with you. My professional background has been mostly as a photo editor in magazine publishing.

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